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Ein Interview mit Darren Rowse

darren-1.jpgHeute habe ich etwas Spezielles für meine Leser. Wie Du dem Titel schon entnehmen konntest, wird es sich dabei um Darren Rowse, auch bekannt als Problogger handeln. Darren ist Author vieler unterschiedlicher Blog und führt unter anderem auch die Fotografieseite Digital Photography School. Darren verdient sein Geld mit Bloggen und ich hatte das Previleg, ein Interview mit Ihm zu führen, dass ich Euch nun vorstelle.

Martin : How did you come up with the idea for dps?

Darren : I’ve been writing a blog for a while at which looks at digital cameras and reviews of cameras. I got a lot of questions from readers not only about different camera models – but also about how to use them. The more of these questions that I got the more I realized that there was a need for a blog on the topic of digital photography tips – Digital Photography School was born.

Martin : Darren, what is DPS’s mission?

Darren : The goal of DPS is to create a community of digital photographers at all stages of their journeys that will come together to learn together, share what they know about photography and help one another improve in their hobby.

Martin : What do you see happening with dps in the next few years?

Darren : Great question. In many ways I don’t really know as it’s something that has already evolved beyond what I’d expected it to be. My hope is that it will continue to grow both in terms of the numbers of posts/tips that we post but also in terms of membership/readers. I’d love to see more members contributing articles to the blog and to perhaps even be able to run some courses for readers. I’d also love for it to become a more profitable site so that I can employ some people to write more tips – which hopefully will make us all better phtoographers.


Martin : What are some tips for newbies who would like to blog about photography ?

Darren: 1. Blog about what you know – there are a few photography blogs out there written by people who pretend that they know more than they do. Write from your own experience – people respect not only what you know but when you admit what you don’t know. 2. Involve your readers – together we know a lot more than any of us do individually 3. Use images in your posts – photography is obviously a visual medium. People like to see images – it inspires and informs them.

Martin : What tools do you use for writing blogposts ?

Darren : I use a Macbook Pro and a PowerPC as my computers. I use TextEdit to write a lot of my posts and a great tool called ‚ecto‘ (the Mac version) to get posts up on the blog. I use as the backend platform for the blog and VBulletin to run the forums. Lastly I use a little tool called ImageWell to help me produce some of the images that I use on the blog.


Martin : Darren, how much time do you spend on actually taking photographs ?

Darren : These days it’s a lot less than I used to. I used to do photography on a daily basis – but now I have to be more disciplined since becoming a Dad and getting involved in two different businesses. I try to put aside at least one afternoon a week to just do photography – plus do it on the weekends and in general life also. Plus of course when I go on vacations I tend to make up for lost time.

Martin : Do you get hired as a photographer over DPS ? How do you respond to that ?

Darren : Not much. I’ve done a few weddings and children photography gigs – but they’ve mainly been for friends and friends of friends. I tend to pass requests onto other friends when I get them.

Martin : Do you think that „who you are“ as a photographer correlates to the succes of a photo-tips-site ?

Darren : I don’t think that you need to be a Pro to run a successful photography tips site – although it does help to know what you’re talking about. I think ti’s probably more important to be a good communicator, to be able to build community and to be good at recruiting others who compliment your knowledge than being someone that knows it all.

Martin : Thanks, Darren !

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